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Stephanie Poplar


Making Your Vision a Reality

Stephanie Poplar has been empowering the community for well over 22 years. She has conducted business networking extravaganzas, community events such as health fairs, job fairs, and real estate showcases for nonprofit organizations. Not only has Stephanie Poplar brought the resources to the community, but also Stephanie has showcased them on her community radio broadcast on Radio One station, WPOP, and other media platforms. 


Now when it comes to helping individuals birth their dreams, their purposes, and their visions, Ms. Poplar Stephanie excels in this arena because this “Sista” has helped several thousand to launch their business, published their books, and market their brand. To name a few, she has helped entities such as Heart & Soul obtain its 501 C3 for the foundation, Karen S Bethea Ministries, Inc. and several other entities get its certification. Stephanie Poplar has given talks on the local and international level. Her talks consist of her offerings in the business and personal development arena to a diverse audience such as real estate investor, seniors, students, single mothers, people with developmental disabilities, and young fathers, and to the faith-based community.

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