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Stephanie Poplar Business Solutions, LLC.

 “It’s your season for success.”

Stephanie Poplar and her associates have well over 25 years of experience in non-profit business development and resource development service. Together, they have helped small, mid-sized, and large nonprofit organizations obtain their 501 C3 status, procure contracts and obtain government grants.. 

The team is composed of individuals who specialize in nonprofit formation, workforce development & training, human resource, corporate & board development services, public relation/ media buying, event planning, and publishing.  In addition, the team’s level of education is second to none.  

Stephanie Poplar Business Solutions, Inc. offers array of services to help nonprofit organizations achieve their goals.  To name a few organizations, see list below. 

  • Seat Pleasant Community Development Corporation, Inc.

  • Patsy’s Reading Circle, Inc. 

  • Blessed Baptist Church of God, Inc.  

  • Good News International Outreach Ministries, Inc. 

  • Royal Priesthood Ministries, Inc. 

  • The Christian Club, Inc. 

  • Karen S. Bethea Ministries, Inc. 

  • Liberty Community Development Corporation, Inc. 

  • B Spirit, Inc.

  • The Lion Project, Inc. 

  • Dance Baltimore, Inc. 

  • Kevin Cares Foundation, Inc. 

  • Natur-Al’s Center, Inc. 

  • Chrysolite Educational Initiative

  • The Yes Club, Inc. 

  • Victorious Attitudes for Everyday Life 1 Baltimore, Inc. 

  • Ascott Creative Innovation, Inc. 

  • Life Boost Outreach Missions, Inc. 

  • Second Chance Outreach Ministries, Inc. 

  • Royal Priesthood Ministries, Inc. 

  • Divine Revelation Entertainment & Educational Services, Inc. 

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