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Certification Course

6 [virtual] Live Classes $2597 (18) hours, 5 week course

Earn $30,000 part-time as a Certified Nonprofit Consultant


The course will include:

  1. Obtaining clients

  2. 501(c)(3) preparation for several types of nonprofits

  3. How to market yourself

  4. Strategies for success in your business as a 501c3 Consultant

  5. Setting up, growing and maintaining your profitable consulting practice

  6. How to network with Accountant to obtain referrals 


Benefits of Getting Certified and You Can:

  • Earn Immediate Income you have the opportunity to earn a minimum of $500-$5,500 a month.

  • Work From Home or anywhere, really.

  • Set Your Own Hours 

  • Be Your Own Boss- Entrepreneur now Start your own business and help hundreds of people you know that need their 501(c)(3)

  • Help individuals and board of directors by  handling the intricate work.  


Ready to become a Certified Nonprofit Consultant CNC?

  1. Register online/via phone (before the deadline!)

  2. Pay Your Fees – Plans Available

  3. Attend the Course

  4. Take  an exam


You must pass the oral and or written exam to become a CNC. It will be given the same day as the course.  You can then display your certification on your personal website, your profile on business networking sites, your business card, and your personal email signature.



Email Address: 

Highest Grade of Completion: 

Do you have a degree: 

What is your educational background: 

Why do you want to become a Certified Nonprofit Consultant: 

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